Marketing Cannabis

Promoting Outside Tradition


The Problem

In the Cannabis industry there are many limitations on where and how you advertise. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and many Ad networks still do not allow Cannabis advertising. To rebrand and support appropriately, we had to be strategic and creative.

The Solution:
Lifestyle Brands

My team created two cannabis-free brands to allow us to run ads across all social platforms. The first brand we created is a streetwear/merch brand 'futureweed.' The first run of these hoodies sold out in a matter of weeks. We run ads through Instagram and Facebook to push sales and brand awareness. The second brand we created is a music series, The Green Light Sessions. This bolsters our brand equity as well as serving as a platform to run ads through Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram - all places where cannabis brands are barred from running ads.


The Results

Brand Solification

Brand Equity

We have been approached by countless musicians, artists, and creators to collaborate on both projects. This has allowed us to cross pollenate and reach new audiences with a high likelihood of conversion. The opportunities for affordable partnerships and advertising has blossomed since launching both initiatives.


Since launching both the GLS and futureweed, we've received over a million organic impressions on instagram, over 300,000 views on YouTube, and over 10,000 followers on Instagram. These markets allow us to connect with people outside of the legal market who may not have any familiarity with our brand.

Positioned to Scale

As cannabis becomes a growing industry across the United States, we found it important that we imbed our brand in markets outside of those we can legally sell cannabis. Our streetwear and music series is serving audiences across the United States and beyond. This groundwork is essential for the success of eventual expansion after federal legalization.