Brand Identity Pivot


The Challenge

I was hired at dompen to transition the Brand Identity to cater to a wider, more sophisticated audience. Dompen, California's first all-in-one cannabis vaporizer, confronted the same realization every fast-growing consumer goods company does: a great product wins early adopters, but a great brand wins over new consumers and stays competitive in an expanding marketplace. The advent of recreational cannabis in California in 2018 came with billions in investment and thousands of new brands. The race was on to build the the largest cannabis market on the planet.


The Solution

Brand Audit

I analyzed the product, people, and personalities that made up dompen through interviews and market research. This in-depth brand analysis helped my team determine the vision for dompen's evolution over the next 5 years. Our goal was to expand dompen's relationship with emerging audiences though a more targeted brand identity.

Consistent Brand Architecture

After in-depth brand analysis and mapping, my team and I transitioned the conceptual orientation of the brand from a tech company to an aspirational lifestyle brand. We took our market position, the purveyors of fruit flavored cannabis vaporizers in California, and translated that info being champions of vibrancy. Vibrancy of personality, expression, and identity — an idea that was integral to our our new brand identity.

Visual Language

After tightening up our visual identity with brand mapping, guidelines, and ongoing analysis we launched a totally new dompen aestethic. This relaunch was all-encompassing. We created a totally new logo, Instagram, commercials, and a totally resdesigned website. We also launched new packaging, new marketing materials, and an all-new product design.


The Results

Growth & Lead Generation

Market Dominance

dompen is now the number one selling disposable vaporizer in California, the largest cannabis market in the world with just under $3 billion in total legal cannabis sales in 2019.

 Packaging Boom

After launching the new packaging there was a 50% jump in sales...overnight. The sophisticated branding separated dompen from competitors and attracted a wider array of new customers.


After transitioning Brand Identity, dompen received an overwhelming interest within and outside the cannabis space from brands and investors. The results of this brand shift has allowed dompen to expand to California, Nevada, and Florida.


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